The Empire of Kran


The great Northern Empire of Kran spans much of the Northern part of Arcarias. The Empire is old, powerful and unforgiving. Their lands were won through hard conquest by the House of Kran, a minor noble family originating the in the Kingdom of Demuria. Through blood and service the Kran dynasty rose from lowly knights, all the way to Kings of Demuria. King Bartholomeus was the first Krannish king of Demuria nearly five hundred years ago.

Through shrewd poltiics, and masterful military strategy, Demuria grew to slowly envelop the surrounding kingdoms until soon a burgeoning Empire formed under the guidance of Emperor Bartholomeus I. Since then the House of Kran has held tightly to the Imperial throne. The current Emperor is Emperor Bartholmeus IX. He is ruthless, to his enemies but he is also known as one of the people who first recognized the threat of The Incursion. He was one of the first to appeal to the powerful adventurers of the world to come together to strike back against the forces from the other plane.

Kran itself is xenophobic. Old edicts forbid non-humans from taking residence in the Empire under penalty of law. Although non-humans can conduct trade in the Empire or pass through they are closely monitored. Non-humans must have a pass on them at all times and they are subject to random stops and inspection by Kran authorities. Crimes committed by non-humans are typically subject to the death penalty. Non-humans have little rights in the face of accusation by the human citizens of Kran. As such only the desperate or the bold make their way into Kran if they are of other races.

Krannish law does discriminate equally. No non-human race is treated any better or any worse than the other. Elves are as likely to be persecuted and mistreated as Half-Orcs.
Half breed races are treated the same as full blooded non-humans. If a half breed is found attempting to pass as human they are subject to arrest and execution.

As a military power Kran is one of the mightiest in the world. Its standing army is enough to make war on most lesser kingdoms without much trouble. Luckily its power is held in check by an alliance of other kingdoms that have pledge mutual aid against the expansionist tendencies of Kran. As such Kran’’s borders have not grown through force in nearly a century.

The Empire of Kran

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