The Noble Confederation

The Noble Confederation is a strategic alliance of three kingdoms, two republics and one grand duchy who have allied to prevent the expansionist ambitions of the Empire of Kran.

As it stands at present the following Kingdoms are members of the alliance:

The Kingdom of Quz
The Ashen Court
The Kingdom of Corinsia

The following Republics are members of the alliance:
The Free Republic of Lassara
The People’s Republic of Novalla

The follwing Grand Duchy is a member of the alliance:
The Grand Duchy of Montallia

The leaders of these nations meet every three months in one of their capitals to confer in regards to the security of their borders and to share intelligence related to anything the Empire of Kran might be doing.

Working closely together like this has created a bond of respect and friendship among the leaders of these nations. Mutual trade and aid pacts have been drawn up and they have begun working closely together on things other than their concerns regarding the Empire.

During the Incursion the Confederation coordinated efforts to the close the portals and combat the invaders among themselves.

The Noble Confederation

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