The Free Republic of Lassara


The Free Republic of Lassara is Arcarias’s largest republic. It is ruled by a council of Senators, overseen by a Prime Magistrate. Senators are elected by the districts they serve and the Prime Magistrate is typically the oldest elected Senator.

Lassara is renowned for its wealth and trade. Its merchant fleets are seen the world over. Lassara’s naval power is arguably unmatched in all of Arcarias.

Its military is seen as adequate but is commonly supplemented by paid mercenaries as the Republic has extensive coffers for war.

Lassara is also considered one of the most tolerant nations on Arcarias. Gender and racial equality has been the norm in the republic for centuries. All races have representation and are welcome in Lassara. A member of any race born within the borders of Lassara is considered a citizen and is capable of serving as a senator for the Republic.

Similarly, religion and magic are freely practiced throughout the Republic with no Gods being officially shunned and no state religion being mandated.

Lassara was fortunate during the Incursion as no portals opened near their lands. However, the Grand Magistrate did organize relief efforts with the Lassaran Navy and offered financial assistance to many other nations in the Noble Confederation.

The current Grand Magistrate has held the position for a decade and is a female Half-Elf named Darcia Glenfallow.

The Free Republic of Lassara

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