The Gods

The gods of Arcarias are evenly divided into male and female beings. This balance is integral to the idea of balance in the cosmos to the people of Arcarias. Balance is seen as the ultimate ideology for the people of Arcarias. Enlightenment and ascension to a higher spiritual plane cannot happen unless one finds balance within oneself.

Gods are believed to have been people once who found perfect balance and ascended to godhood as a result. Thus it would be blasphemous for someone to claim a god is not balanced. Thus the gods all have at least two aspects. The gods as they are portrayed are always in conflict with themselves, warring to keep their two halves in perfect balance.

Likewise their temples and worshipers seek balance as well. So it is not uncommon for a god to have separate temples and orders devoted to different aspects of their personality. In some cases these temples and orders might be hostile towards other orders of the same god. Senior clergy of the temples would tell you that by externalizing their gods inner conflict they help maintain the perfect balance of their divine patron.

Etar- God of the Sun and Moon
Hycis- Goddess of Life, Death and Fertility
Ireus- God of Civilization and the Wilderness
Emera- Goddess of War, Lies, and Vengeance
Raes- God of Spiders and Secrets
Xereth- Goddess of Knowledge and the Undead
Tev- God of Joy and Loss
Mirya the Rainbow Scaled- Goddess of Good and Evil Dragons
Polovius- God of Justice and Tyranny
Ferana- Goddess of Evil and Hope
Andarion- God of Trade and Thieves
Belthean- Goddess of the Seasons
Yttara- God of Industry and Chaos
Kyrn- Goddess of Betrayal and Oaths
Zumai- God of the Elements
Litta- Goddess of Beauty and Decay
Unthas- God of Magic and Science
Vaala- Goddess of Goodness and Doom
Orinthian- God of Feudalism and Freedom
Iskara-Goddess of Dreams and Pain

The Gods

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