The world faced great peril during the previous generation. An incursion from another plane that threatened to tear the very fabric of your world apart and leave it ruined. In order to stop this, all those people of power, good, evil, chaotic and lawful set aside their battles and chose to save the world. They succeeded but now they are gone and you are what is left.
Adventurers are rare in this world. Although there are other wizards, paladins, etc most do not adventure. More than that there are very few high level adventurers left in the world. Most died during the incursion. As such you and others of your generation will be the new heroes and villains of this world.

The world of humans is mostly broken up into feudal territories under the dominions of kings, dukes, and counts. There are a few merchant republics and there is an Empire, under the reigns of an Emperor but not all falls under his dominion.
It’s about as big as our world but I want to focus on one specific area you all are from or at the very least are currently living in. As the game progresses you may go beyond that area and I’ll work on that as we go. So, think about what sort of area would be interesting to you as a starting place. I’ll try and flesh out more flavor for each area as I do some world building.

The other races have areas they call their own and their own sorts of governments too. I’ll be working on those.

Your characters have inherited a legacy of sacrifice, heroism and responsibility. Do they want it? The powers of this word would be looking to your generation to be its defenders should the incursion ever start again. Many nations and rulers would look to you to be their personal champions. There is much power to be offered to a group of young adventurers in this world.

The incursion was of recent memory. It happened within the last decade. I would like you to be playing characters who would have been rather young during the incursion. In the case of elves we’ll figure out why your characters didn’t get too involved in the incursion.

Portals opened in every land, and things began coming through the portals and into the world. These were strange, alien creatures, that consumed everything they came upon. Some were gigantic monstrosities that lumbered across the land trailing havoc in their wake. Others were humanoid sized and stalked the lands, falling upon people in packs and devouring them.

Energies poured forth from the portals warping the lands around them to an alien landscape perhaps more suitable to sustaining the creatures that came forth.

The tide was held at bay at first by the armies of the world but slowly they began to falter as the enemies number seemed endless.

In desperation the most powerful individuals in the world came together and discussed what would happen to the world if they did not act. Believing it to be lost they decided to attempt to seal what the arcane and mystical minded individuals among them saw as the point of origin for the invasion, the prime portal.

A group of them was dispatched to do this while the others spread out to the nations of the world and rallied the troops for one last stand if everything else should fail.

Whatever the group at the prime portal did worked. Blinding light engulfed the area, the portals began to disappear and the creatures coming from them died en mass. All around the world the other great heroes were engulfed in a white light and simply vanished.

People have mixed feelings about magic in the world now. Some view it as the thing that saved everyone. Others feel it was unchecked magic which caused the incursion. Magic is outlawed in some place and openly embraced in others. It’s up to you what sort of environment you’d like to be in for the start of the game.

The gods are there, they give the divine spellcasters their power but they do not intervene in the world directly. Even during the incursion no god manifested an avatar or anything of that nature. I would say the world is largely polytheistic.


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